With today’s gas, it is essential to properly store your gas powered equipment, such as hand held power equipment, lawn & garden tractors, and snowblowers, to prevent costly repairs caused by today’s ethanol blended gas.  (Please see “Don’t Take Your Fuel Quality For Granted” section below)

For best storage results, Minnesota Equipment recommends Stihl’s MotoMix fuel mix for ALL gas powered equipment

Stihl MotoMix is blended at a 50:1 ratio with 99% alkylate fuel with no ethanol for high performance and Stihl’s HP Ultra synthetic oil for advanced engine lubrication and engine cleaning characteristics. MotoMix is stable for up to two years (once opened) and is an excellent choice for your low usage hand held power equipment all the time. It is also a great long term storage fuel for your 2-cycle or 4-cycle gas powered equipment.

Preparing your Gas Powered Equipment for Storage using Stihl MotoMix

  1. Run your gas powered equipment out of fuel or remove it from the gas tank.
  2. Add Stihl MotoMix to the gas tank and run the engine long enough to ensure that the MotoMix is thoroughly run into the fuel system.
  3. Your gas engine is now ready for storage. (You don’t need to add additional fuel stabilizers or gas)

Alternate Recommendation:  Preparing your Gas Powered Equipment for Storage using Non-Oxy Ethanol Free Gas (instead of MotoMix)

  1. Find your local supplier for non-oxy ethanol free fuel. We highly recommend using a gas stabilizer with this type of fuel also. (See our Recommended Gas Stabilizer Products below.)
  2. Add your stabilizer to the non-oxy ethanol-free gas and fill the gas tank on your engine.
  3. Run your engine long enough so that the treated gas is thoroughly in the fuel system.
  4. Your gas engine is now ready for storage

Recommended Gas Stabilizer Products

Sea Foam

Sea Foam will help stabilize gas but is an excellent cleaning and performance enhancer treatment, especially when equipment is brought out of storage. When added to gasoline, it helps clean carburetors / injectors, clean buildup on internal engine components, control moister in fuel, and de-ices. When it is added to the engine oil it will clean the upper cylinders and help lubricate.

Sea Foam Motor Treatment

Star Tron

Star Tron helps stabilize ethanol based gasoline up to 2 years. It helps maintain engine performance by removing carbon and varnish while also cleaning carburetors and injectors.


Xp3 for Gasoline

Xp3 is an excellent stabilizer for gas because it totally disperses water being developed from ethanol in gasoline and improves combustion. It contains no alcohol, reduces fumes and helps lower emissions. Xp3 also reduces buildup / corrosion while cleaning the fuel system which results in less wear for longer life. It is a highly concentrated formulated treatment with a container that makes it easy to meter for dosing. Xp3 will stabilize gasoline for up to 2 years.


Don’t take your fuel quality for granted!

It is important to understand the effects of today’s gasoline in gasoline powered engines and how to properly treat the fuels for today’s uses. Ethanol is blended with the gasoline at the terminals right before shipment to gas stations. Once it is pumped, the gas starts to deteriorate. Ethanol blended gasoline attracts water which becomes corrosive to metal fuel tanks and fuel systems. Results are poor running performance and could cause dilution of oil in the crankcase or other performance problems. Untreated gas that is more than 30 days old is not recommended to be used in a fuel system of a gas engine. Treating gas immediately after pumping is when it is the freshest and will allow for the longest stabilization period. Treating aged gas WILL NOT restore gas to original condition but will maintain its current condition. JOHN DEERE STATES MOST FUEL SYSTEM FAILURES ARE CAUSED BY CONTAMINATED OR DEGRADED GASOLINE. IT IS THE CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO PROPERLY MAINTAIN THE GASOLINE BEING USED TO MINIMIZE ENGINE FAILURES. REPAIRS RESULTING FROM FUEL STORAGE RELATED ISSUES WILL NOT BE COVERED BY A MACHINE’S WARRANTY PROTECTION. Minnesota Equipment stocks trusted products that are known to stabilize your gasoline for best performance.