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When it comes to gardening, timing is everything. In Minnesota, the window for planting your garden can open and close just like that. Knowing the right time to plant your garden in Minnesota can make the difference between having a green thumb and having a, er, brown thumb. 

With Minnesota’s short growing season, timing your garden can be tricky. There are ways to get ahead of the planting season. However, not all plants and gardens can be planted inside and then transferred. Depending on what you grow in your garden, there are different optimal times to start planting. With a few tips, we can help you learn the right time to plant your garden. Pretty soon, your thumb will be so green, it will have doctors baffled. 

What Plants Are in Your Garden?

A watering can pours water onto a growing plant in a garden.

Before you plant for the season, consider what you want to grow in your garden. Different species of plants require different planting times. Cool season crops need to mature before the summer heat takes over, meaning they should be planted in early spring when temperatures are around 40 degrees fahrenheit. Vegetables such as beets, cabbage, onions, peas and carrots are considered cool season crops. Planting these crops early enough will promote healthy harvests later in the year. 

On the other hand, warm season crops, including corn, beans, tomatoes and peppers, require a later planting when temperatures are warmer. In Minnesota, this is typically mid-to-late May, after the last frost. Warm season crops need a long growing season and will not do well being planted directly into the soil when it is too cold. Many flowers are also best planted after the last frost, though mature perennials can be planted in the fall in Minnesota, too. 

The right time to plant your garden in Minnesota depends largely on what you want to plant in your garden. Plan ahead, learn the area’s frost date and time your planting accordingly. 

Plant Indoors to Get Ahead

Plants lie on a table waiting to be transferred to the ground.

Starting your garden indoors is often a necessary step for cultivating a thriving garden. Long-season crops and annual flowers need to be planted early enough in order to bloom in time for summer or a fall harvest. Keep in mind that some plants, such as radishes, carrots and beets, do not tolerate transplants and should be seeded directly into the ground. Timing is everything when starting your garden indoors or outdoors. Learn about the plants, flowers and vegetables you want to grow and make a plan.

To properly start your garden indoors, find a place away from pets, children and heavy traffic. Choosing the right location where the temperature is warm enough to promote growth but not too warm to dry the soil is key. Keep your indoor plants away from the window sill, as this is one of the coldest areas in the house in Minnesota during the winter and spring. Choose a place you can monitor the plants and put a plant-specific lamp nearby to give them the warmth and light they need.

The right indoor containers will also help you cultivate a thriving garden. Plant each seed in individual cells to give them enough room to root and grow. Finally, transplanting the seedlings to the ground can be a delicate task. Take extra care during this step and do not handle the plants by the stems, but instead by the dirt around the bulb. Plant the entire cell of dirt, roots and stalk into a hole that allows enough space for root expansion. By starting your garden indoors, you can make the most of Minnesota’s short growing season and build a spectacular garden. 

Keep Your Property Looking Great

Whether you are planting a field of corn or a small garden of tulips, knowing the right time to plant and how to care for your crops is key for a healthy, thriving garden. With these tips, you will soon have a beautiful flower bed, a bountiful harvest and that elusive green thumb. 

No matter what your property needs are, work with the team at Minnesota Equipment. We understand how important and tricky caring for your yard can be in Minnesota. That is why our friendly, experienced team is there to answer any of your questions relating to your yard, farm or garden. Visit one of our locations and speak to a member of our staff for any of your property maintenance needs. Let’s get you on your way to a beautiful, thriving garden.