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When springtime comes in Minnesota, your property undoubtedly needs some work. After the snow thaws, debris will speckle your yard, and your grass will have turned a noticeable shade of brown. What’s more, spring is the season to get new yard projects underway so that by summertime you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. When you fire up the yard machines for the first time this spring, save yourself time and energy by going about it the right way. Here is a brief checklist from your friends at Minnesota Equipment.

The Right Way to Clean Up Your Property This Spring

Take Care of the Basics

Step one: take care of the big things first. Any broken tree branches or other large pieces of debris should be removed before any of the smaller scatterings are addressed. These can be discarded in the woods, piled up and burned, given to a hauler to dispose of or “recycled” in a wood chipper.

Next, take this opportunity to shape and trim your trees, shrubs, hedges, and other plants that may have been altered by the snow and wind. There is a huge variety of cutting and trimming tools available, so after surveying your property, consult an equipment provider for in-depth capability information.

Most importantly, spring is the time to get your lawn back in shape. Rake old leaves, your fresh trimmings, and any smaller debris away from plants and off your grass to allow fresh growth to begin. Fertilize the newly exposed grass, and finish off your garden beds with some edges and mulch. This will help ensure you have a long and healthy growing season. A few simple steps in the early spring can save you a major headache further down the road, so set up your lawn for success by keeping it clean and healthy.

The Right Way to Clean Up Your Property This Spring

Work with an Equipment Rep – and Get Moving

After the basic cosmetic details have been attended to, now the real work starts. Projects such as removing old stumps, moving boulders, mowing and aerating, and planting new seed can now begin.

When addressing these spring upkeep tasks that require some serious torque, having the right tools makes all the difference. Consult a detailed knowledge center to determine which specific piece of equipment is right for you before you make a buying decision. Minnesota Equipment has put together a comprehensive library of some of the best products available here.

Making a meaningful investment in a piece of machinery that will hopefully serve you and your family’s needs for years is an important decision. Don’t miss the opportunity to consult the experts who deal with, maintain, and use this type of equipment on a daily basis. Our team can help you find the right mower, utility tractor, yard vehicle, or power tools to help make your spring projects successful. If you have questions about the durability or functionality of the equipment we offer, we are happy to help.

The Right Way to Clean Up Your Property This Spring

Get the Right Gear with Minnesota Equipment

With locations in Rogers, Savage, Isanti, and Ham Lake, the equipment dealers at Minnesota Equipment stand ready to help you put the right gear to use this spring. We offer best-in-class equipment inventory, and our helpful, qualified professionals can help you tackle any project. Visit us at our website to connect with a professional near you.