Should I Replace My Lawn Mower Blade(s)? Thumbnail image

Lawn mower blades are made to last a long time but not forever. It can be hard to decide if your blade needs to be replaced or just sharpened. This article examines the quality of 4 lawn mower blades, explaining if they should be replaced or not.

Blade #1: REPLACE

Lawn Mower Blade Lawn Mower Blade

This blade is completely worn out. These edges could break while mowing and hit someone. It is time to separate from this old trusty balde. It is very dangerous to use and should immediately be replaced.


Blade #2: REPLACE

Lawn Mower Blade Lawn Mower Blade

The length of life for a blade depends on the surface it is mowing on. The back corners of this blade are worn down and will no longer cut as effectively. This usually happens due to cutting on sandier grounds. When using this blade, the driver will notice a decrease in cut quality going downhill. This blade should be replaced.


Blade #3: REPLACE

Lawn Mower Blade Lawn Mower Blade

Blade #3 looks to be in great quality. But the second picture shows how the sharpening has worked its way into the lift of the blade. This is a direct sign of oversharpening. When the sharpening starts to work into the lift, it has lost its ability to pull clippings into the deck and discharge them properly. This blade should be replaced.


Blade #4: SHARPEN

Lawn Mower Blade Lawn Mower Blade

Even with the imperfections of this blade, it can still be used. The grass will tear instead of cut cleanly if it were to be used without a sharpening. The tear will leave a yellow color to the tips of the grass and will also allow easy access for diseases. Once it is sharpened and worked on by an expert, this blade will give the grass a clean cut.

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