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So you’re thinking about buying a new tractor. The question is, do you want a lawn tractor or a compact utility tractor? Well, the real question is, what is the difference between the two? 

Lawn tractors and compact utility tractors are very similar machines, but they can also do very different things. The easiest way to think about the difference is this: a lawn tractor is more or less a riding lawn mower. On the other hand, a compact utility tractor is a lawn tractor with upgrades. There is so much more to deciphering the difference between the two, and why you should get one over the other

Qualities and Uses of a Lawn Tractor

Lawn tractors, in short, are a simpler version of a compact utility tractor. We typically use “lawn tractor” and “riding lawn mower” interchangeably, since all lawn tractors are going to be able to mow your lawn. If your property is smaller than an acre, or if it is relatively flat without many hills, then a lawn tractor might be right for you. These machines are powerful, though they aren’t suited for rough terrain. 

These machines can do other things too, but they need the right lawn tractor attachments to get the job done. With a lawn tractor at your side, you can take on basic chores around your property, including: 

Where lawn tractors fall a bit short is when you want to take on bigger, heavier tasks. That’s when you can consider looking into a compact utility tractor. 

Qualities and Uses of a Compact Utility Tractor

Compact utility tractors are a step up from lawn tractors. These machines are bigger, more powerful and more versatile than their lawn tractor counterparts. An interesting difference between lawn tractors and compact utility tractors is that all lawn tractors will be able to mow right off the lot, and they can do more with the right attachments, whereas all compact utility tractors need attachments to do, well, anything

Without any tractor attachments, a CUT is more or less a machine you can ride around your property. 

If you have large plots or a bigger property you are working on, a compact utility tractor may be the right choice. For farmers and property owners who need to do varieties of work or more heavy-duty tasks, compact utility tractors quickly become one of the most valuable pieces of equipment you could own. 

With the right tractor attachments, compact utility tractors can tackle a variety of property maintenance jobs, including:

These tractors are versatile machines that make lawn and farm care fast and easy, so long as you have the right tools and tractor attachments to go along with it.

Find the Tractor That’s Right for You

What are your requirements for a new tractor? 

If you need to only complete basic tasks and property maintenance, a lawn tractor is ideal, especially since it doesn’t necessarily require additional attachments and equipment. Compact utility tractors are great machines for large plots of land,  and for those looking to tackle a variety of jobs. 

Find the right tractor for your lawn and farm care needs. If you need additional help in selecting the right piece of equipment, or if you’re ready to buy, visit your local Minnesota Equipment store. Our team can help you select from a variety of high-quality lawn and compact utility tractors, and we can offer advice and knowledge along the way. 

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