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Tractors are versatile pieces of yard and farm equipment, enabling you to get more done more efficiently. Whether you need to get daily tasks done at your home or you run a multi-acre farm, having the right tractor for your property is essential for getting the job done. Tractors come in all shapes and sizes, from compact utility tractors to utility tractors to row crop tractors and beyond. If you are looking for a new tractor for your property, start by considering the size of your land. For smaller properties less than five acres, a compact utility tractor can do the trick

Before you buy a tractor, doing your research is key. Knowing what tractor is right for you can help you get the most out of your equipment and be on your way to better property and farm maintenance. 

What Do You Need Your Tractor To Do? 

The versatility of compact utility tractors makes them ideal rigs for many property owners. If you are looking for a machine you can store in your garage or shed without needing an extra storage barn out back, then a compact tractor is the right choice. Many small property owners turn to John Deere’s line of tractors because they are strong, easy to operate and can be used for just about any job around the house. John Deere offers four series of compact utility tractors that can help you achieve your goals. Knowing what you need to do around your property is the first step in choosing the right tractor for you

Each tractor has its pros and cons. Before you buy a tractor, consider the tasks you want to accomplish and base your decision on the following:

Basic Chores

If you need to get some basic chores done such as moving or hauling light materials around your property, you can likely benefit from the 1 Series, which provides reliable help across many different purposes. 


Compact utility tractors make great riding lawn mowers with the right attachments. Just about any series of compact tractors can convert into a riding lawn mower and help you finish your summer chore with ease. 


If you need a machine for your material handling, including lifting and hauling, you need a tractor that is strong and durable. The 2 Series are fine machines for light lifting, though for your more heavy-duty jobs and material handling, the 3 and 4 series are what you’re looking for.  


Plowing in Minnesota doesn’t have to be a dreaded winter chore. By adding snow plow attachments, you can convert your compact tractor into a plow capable of even the most dreaded Minnesota snowstorms. Similar to mowing, most tractors work great as plows in the winter. 


Tilling is another great use of a tractor around your property. Getting the soil up and properly worked for planting is an essential part of the planting, gardening and harvesting process. The 1 series is perfect for preparing a garden bed. If you want to till a lot of land or have a bigger job to get done, using a 2 or 3 Series tractor can help. 


Want to dig with your tractor? You’ll need a machine that is sturdy and strong. While 2 Series tractors are capable of digging, the 3 and 4 Series machines will give you power when you need it, and will help you as you transport dirt, rocks or other landscaping materials during your job. 

Leveling and Grading

Leveling and grading is easy with the right equipment. If you are a contractor or even if you need to do some leveling and grading at home, a CUT can make the job faster and easier. These rigs are powerful enough to finish a leveling job on their own. 

The Best Tractors For Your Property

1 Series

The John Deere 1 Series compact utility tractors are excellent additions to your daily property chores and maintenance. These user-friendly pieces of equipment can take on a variety of tasks to make your life easier. 

The 1 Series might be the right tractors for you if you need the following capabilities:

2 Series

If you are looking for the right tractor for your property, you can’t go wrong with any of the 2 Series options. The 2 Series is a step up from the 1 Series, giving you more power and flexibility in your landscaping, maintenance or other property equipment needs. 

Consider the 2 Series if you need the following capabilities:

3 Series

For more robust jobs, the mighty 3 Series is a top choice. These tractors are sturdy, powerful and reliable across all terrain and for nearly any job around your property. The 3 Series maintains the compact look and feel of a CUT while offering more power than its younger siblings. 

The 3 Series might be right for you if you need to accomplish the following:

4 Series

Finally, the 4 Series is a selection of compact utility tractors that can do it all. With more power under the hood, the 4 Series is ideal for any job, big or small, you may encounter. Make work easier and more fun with the 4 Series.  

Consider the 4 Series if you need to accomplish the following:

Compact Utility Tractor Attachments

Whatever you decide is the right tractor for your property, you will likely need the right tractor attachments to keep your jobs done. The beauty of a compact tractor is the fact that they are versatile machines that can take on just about anything you need to do around your house. Frontier implements are the key to getting the most of your equipment. With more than 400 implements and attachments, you can customize your tractor to suit your needs and get more accomplished. 

Consider what jobs you need to get done with your tractor. In Minnesota, you can convert your tractor to a winter-friendly machine with a cab and a plow attachment. Making use of the front loader or adding a back loader can help transport and move materials quickly and easily. Finally, one of the best uses of your compact tractor is adding a mower to cut your lawn or cut down long brush. 

Of course, while some tractors and engines will be better suited to move material, for example, having the right tractor attachments can turn your tractor into a new piece of machinery in no time. 

Find the Right Tractor For Your Property

When you are ready to begin looking for a new tractor for your property, start by assessing your goals. Consider the capabilities of compact tractors and how they can help you in all aspects of your property maintenance and chores. Compact utility tractors are user-friendly and can be used year-round with the right attachments and the right care. 

Once you have assessed your needs and have narrowed down your options, visit the team at Minnesota Equipment. We can help get your property maintenance operations running smoothly with the best equipment on the market. Finding equipment that works for you will help you achieve more and make your life easier. Visit a Minnesota Equipment location to find the best tractor for your property.