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Earning extra cash with a lawn mowing business may sound like something out of the past, but don’t write off the idea just yet. With the power and efficiency of John Deere riding lawn mowers, you can take the time you save managing your own yard and build lucrative secondary cash flow from your lawn care machines.

Using The Right Equipment

Forming a side-business is still feasible with a walk-behind mower, however, using a riding mower will present a better return on investment. The John Deere X370, X390 or X394 are all affordable, powerful options to get your lawn care business running smoothly out of the gate. These mowers all have features that maximize efficiency, so you can get more done faster, and feature amenities designed around comfort so you can stay out mowing longer. Plus, John Deere makes riding lawn mower attachments for each of these models, giving you endless opportunities to use your machine in different scenarios.

Provide Full Service

The best way to grow your business is by word of mouth from a job well done. One way to leave a lasting impression is to be ready for any kind of property maintenance your customer could need. Outfit a trailer that not only fits your riding lawn mower but is organized with other tools to tackle yard maintenance. Trimming can give any yard the professional polish it needs. STIHL makes an excellent line of trimmers and the FSA 130 R features an extended battery life while still bringing a plethora of power to your arsenal. Of course, adding a STIHL chainsaw like the MS 261 also gives you the flexibility to clear obstacles that may have fallen or are obstructing your mowing path.

Spread The Word

One of the allures of starting up your side business for lawn and yard maintenance is the flexibility of creating your own schedule; the downside to this is that you also have to find your own clients. Before you can start using your John Deere riding lawn mower to make cash, you need to advertise for your business. In today’s age, being savvy with Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, targeted emails, and other social media is a huge leg up to find customers. Take the time to create a brand that fits your services and consider how much of your schedule you are willing to put towards your lawn care business.

Minnesota Equipment Has Your Back

Running a lawn care business is hard work, and you need to make sure your equipment is in top shape. At Minnesota Equipment, we have licensed STIHL, John Deere, Toro technicians that can help you keep your equipment running. From riding lawn mower blades and riding lawn mower parts, make sure your lawn care business has a trusted partner. Find the Minnesota Equipment location nearest you on our website, and stop in with any questions you might have.