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The easiest way to take care of your Toro zero-turn mower, and to make sure it is not at risk for possible damage, is to regularly replace its engine oil. This can be difficult, as engine oil is often out-of-sight, and therefore out-of-mind. But, Toro recommends that the oil be changed every 100 hours, or after the first 5 hours for brand-new Toro zero-turn mowers. Luckily, it is an easy process that anyone can learn how to do. Minnesota Equipment takes you through how to change your Toro zero-turn oil step by step. 

Step 1: Run Your Engine

Letting your engine run for a few minutes before you change the oil helps it warm up, and the liquid drains easier from the engine housing. It also helps stir up any debris that might be sitting on the bottom of the mower, to make sure that you have the cleanest start possible after you finish changing the fluid. 

Step 2: Prepare Your Zero-Turn To Drain Oil

Make sure that your zero-turn mower is completely off, and that the blade control switch in the operator’s station is off. When you park the mower, it helps to have the side of the engine that you drain oil from slightly lower than the other side, to help drainage. 

Step 3: Change Your Oil

It is a good idea to prepare whatever space you are using to drain the oil, in the event that there are spills or drips. Cardboard or tarp works well, plus the oil pan to catch the old liquid. On the side of your engine, depending on your model, there should be a drain plug. Pull this, and carefully begin removing the oil from the engine. It is also recommended that you change your engine oil filter while changing your oil. Be careful: the filter often has a lot of trapped oil inside of it. Once you have drained all the oil, and carefully added a new oil filter to your engine, and replaced the drain plug, it’s time to add new oil to your engine. 

Step 4: Add New Oil To Your Zero-Turn

Locate the dipstick area, and remove the dipstick. Pour in three-quarters of your chosen oil (read your manual or visit Minnesota Equipment’s website to find out what is the best type of oil to use.) and then measure with the dipstick how much more you need. Once you have filled to the ‘full’ mark, you are ready for another 100 hours in the saddle of your Toro zero-turn mower. 

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