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With spring quickly approaching and lawn mowing season nearing, it’s the perfect time to service and repair your mower. Whether it was sitting in the shed all winter or you were using it to get the snow off your driveway, it’s a good idea to take it out and give it a look over; better now than when you’re in the middle of the summer and it goes kaput on you. 

Regular lawn mower maintenance, or emergency riding lawn mower repair, can be done on your own or with the help of a trusted lawn equipment repair expert. We take pride in our equipment just like you do, and we want to empower you to repair your riding lawn mower by yourself, if that’s what you choose to do. So, without further ado, here are a few DIY riding lawn mower repair tips to get you started on your spring and summer lawn maintenance. 

Find the Right Tools

Riding mowers require unique tools that can give you access to all parts and areas of the equipment. While you can do minimal riding lawn mower repair with a wrench or screwdriver, you’ll be much more successful with specific tools made for riding mowers. Armed with the right equipment, you’ll be set to fix your mower yourself, with more confidence and fewer headaches than before. 

Follow the Manual and User Guides

Having the right tools to fix your lawn mower is important. What is equally important is following the designated user manuals and guides. These documents are critical for proper equipment maintenance and DIY mower repair. If you still have the original user manual from your purchase, keep it close by to follow repair tips and guidance. Otherwise, you can find your equipment’s manual online

Just because you’re going to fix your mower yourself doesn’t mean you have to guess what you’re doing. Videos provide excellent step-by-step instructions to replace blades and clean equipment, and offer guidance for general riding lawn mower repair. Follow your equipment’s manual and user guides, and check out some helpful videos when going about your riding lawn mower repair. 

Keep Equipment Clean

One of the better DIY riding lawn mower repair tips is to keep your equipment clean. This includes the tools you’re using as well as the mower itself. Dirt, mud, grass and other debris can cause underlying wear and tear, leading to damage in the long run. Eliminate the risk of corrosion on the blades, the mower deck or the engine by regularly cleaning the equipment.

With clean tools, you can ensure they are working properly and that they will get the job done. Your power and hand tools are instrumental in proper DIY mower repair and maintenance. Clean and inspect your tools and equipment regularly to prevent lasting damage and to get ahead of any corrosion or other concerns before they prove to be detrimental. 

Perform Regular Lawn Mower Maintenance

In addition to cleaning your lawn mower and tools, regular lawn mower maintenance is essential for extending the life of your equipment. Preventative equipment maintenance and repair can limit larger concerns later on. Cleaning your equipment, regularly changing the oil, maintaining proper gas levels and sharpening your blades are all examples of preventative lawn mower maintenance

If you are doing riding lawn mower repair yourself, consider how regular maintenance can make your job easier. Even if you have unexpected damages or malfunctions, working on your machine regularly can give you a sense of familiarity with the mower, the tools and the quirks and nuances of the equipment. 

Ask For Help

Finally, ask for help when doing your own riding lawn mower repair. Whether you know exactly what you’re doing or you need a second set of eyes on your work, having some assistance is a good thing. At the very least, you can have another set of hands to hold tools or offer advice and guidance. In other cases, you might end up getting the job done faster or easier thanks to some help. 

Before you go ahead and work on your machine yourself, ask a buddy for help. There’s nothing quite like spending an afternoon in the garage and bonding over trying to get a dang bolt loose. 

If you need more help than what your friends, family or neighbors can provide, you can always call Minnesota Equipment. Our service team works on riding lawn mowers, tractors, snowblowers and more all day, and we know our way around even the most stubborn equipment. We can help you get your job done, whether you need user manuals, tools or a repair bigger than what you’re capable of. 

If you need us, get in touch so we can make your job easier.