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Complex landscape features or challenging terrain shouldn’t force you to settle for a disorderly lawn. If you want to take back control of your turf, look no further than the John Deere X500 & X700 lawn tractors to tackle these obstacles. Complete with 4WD steering, an adjustable mower deck, and an electronic fuel-injected engine, the X500 & X700 are the most versatile lawn tractors available for completing all aspects of residential lawn care. So what can you do with these John Deere models? Here are a few examples we can think of right off the bat, but considering the power and versatility of John Deere tractors, this list could go on and on.

Smooth and Even Cuts

The most important feature of any lawn mower is its ability to produce smooth and consistent cuts each time. All the added bells and whistles (there’s a lot!) are wasted without this core functionality. Thankfully, the underside of both models’ mower decks are complete with three spindles that are laid flat to prevent any obstructions from debris. Moreover, a deck-leveling gauge on-board allows the operator to ensure each mower is level side-to-side and properly adjusted front-to-rear for the best cutting performance. And with three mower deck sizes to choose from, it’s easy to find the right model for your unique lawn.

Simplifying Tough Terrain

If your yard isn’t a perfect square with no obstacles or slopes, then congratulations! For the rest of us, it can be a grueling task to accurately and efficiently maneuver our lawn equipment. The X500 & X700 are designed to help: features like four-wheel drive, an adjustable mower deck, operator-powered traction pedals, optional power-four steering, and precise, tight steering allow you to easily guide through the most difficult yard spaces. A minimum 24 HorsePower John Deere-tested engine doesn’t hurt either.

Attachments Made Easy

John Deere’s X500 & X700 are manufactured with heavy-duty steel, which facilitates enough strength to support numerous lawn and garden attachments. Need to haul mountains of mulch across your property? Try adding a 13-cubic foot, steel utility cart attachment. Tired of cleaning up lawn clippings after hours of mowing? Attach a 7-bushel, 2-bag hopper that collects your clippings as you drive. Wish you could lift, lower, and dump various materials without leaving your tractor seat? A 40-inch power shovel attachment may be calling your name! John Deere lawn mower attachments are as varied as they are useful — the possibilities are endless.


The multi-terrain capability of the X500 and X700 is what makes them ideal for homeowners with every variety of yard layout and landscaping needs. Not only do these lawn tractors offer sharp, smooth grass cutting, but their heavy-duty frames are perfect for completing a wide range of landscaping duties. Contact Minnesota Equipment to learn more about the X500, X700, and other John Deere landscaping equipment today!