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You don’t want your Compact / Utility Tractor to only be helpful 3 months of the year, so why not buy tractor accessories that help you year-round? Owning a John Deere 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 or even 5000 series, you have a cornucopia of different options for year-round attachments. Minnesota Equipment takes a look at some of our favorite attachments that can help you no matter if you’re in shorts or snow pants.

Front Blades

Typically, these blades are thought of as winter accessories. They do push snow off a driveway, or into a pile, very well in the winter months. But, why not use your front blade to help you spread mulch or pea gravel over your driveway? A front blade can be an excellent help in landscaping, gardening or general yard work in the other months of the year beyond winter. Consider the AF11E Front Blade or the 366 Front Blade, which can fit multiple models of Compact Utility Tractor.


Brushes are often seen as winter accessories as well, they are often used in commercial cleanup for sidewalks and paths, and don’t put the stress on the surface they clean that blades might. But when you are sick of raking in the Fall, employing brushes to clear your walkways and driveway of leaves can be an efficient solution.

Front Loader

Get a true utility attachment for your Compact Utility Tractor. Anything that needs to be moved, no matter the season, can be accomplished by a front loader. Moving dirt, gravel, snow, brush, wood, practically anything you can think of. Make sure you properly ballast your machine before using a front loader, the weight of the attachment can throw off the balance of the machine. Minnesota Equipment’s 120R loader is perfect for 1023E, 1025R, and 2025R Compact Utility Tractor work.

Broadcast Spreader 

When spring rolls around, this attachment is fantastic for seeding your yard or spreading fertilizer and other lawn or yard care products. Additionally, when the temperature drops below freezing, a spreader is an excellent way to get even and complete coverage of ice melt or gravel for slippery walkways or driveways. Check out Frontier SS2036B, which is compatible with 3-point hitch-equipped tractors.

Wood Chippers

Deadfall and brush know no season. Down trees happen in ice storms, straight-line winds, or simply over time. Don’t get caught unprepared, a woodchipper can help you clear your property of debris quickly at any time of the year. Frontier’s WC1103 and WC1205 have chutes that rotate 360 degrees, reversible feeds, and sturdy construction.


Don’t let the weather determine what you can and can’t use. With John Deere Compact Utility Tractors and utility tractor accessories, there are year-round applications that can help you complete tasks with half the hassle. Find out more about our tractor models, or find a Minnesota Equipment location nearest you, on our website: