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Give your trees a haircut. No, really. Whether you give them the “business in the front, party in the back” deal or the “new recruit” style, maintaining your trees regularly is essential for curb appeal, healthy growth and even strong grass. 

There is much more to maintaining your lawn than just mowing the grass regularly. By trimming and maintaining your trees on a regular basis, you will begin to see your yard and property come to life and thrive. Tree maintenance is important for promoting healthy lawns, healthy trees and safety around your yard. 

Tree Health

First and foremost, tree maintenance is important for the health of the trees themselves. In instances where a tree branch is dead or rotting, removing it will help maintain the health of the tree and keep it growing strong. Rotting branches, bug-infested areas and other illnesses can destroy trees and cause them to die prematurely. 

Maintaining your trees by inspecting them regularly and trimming them will promote health and longevity. Pruning tree branches and trimming trees acts almost as a haircut for the tree. It relieves some weight and heft from the trunk, allowing it to grow back better and stronger than before. Just as you should probably trim your hair every now and then, your tree will thank you for getting regular pruning and maintenance. 

Lawn Health

Your grass will also benefit from maintaining your trees regularly. This is all about finding the right balance between giving your grass enough shade to protect it from burning from the sun, and giving your grass enough sun to let it soak in the nutrients needed to grow. For healthy grass growth, you should give your grass about four to six hours of sunlight each day. If your trees are looking a little bushy, your grass may not be getting the sunlight it needs.


Finally, it is critical to inspect and trim your trees regularly to keep you and your family safe around your trees. Dead or loose branches present safety hazards and could fall on someone walking under or around the tree. If a tree is near your driveway or the road, it can cause harm to nearby pedestrians or vehicles, as well. 

Tree maintenance is important to ensure the safety of those around you and your trees. Inspect your trees on an annual basis or after major storms roll through. If you notice potential hazards, or if certain branches are getting big and too heavy for the tree, consider pruning the tree and removing branches. Do not cut branches around power lines or poles. Instead, contact your local utility and ask if they can provide assistance in safely removing tree branches. 

By keeping an eye on the trees on your property, you will start to recognize growth patterns and the overall health of the tree. If you notice areas of concern, consider using the right tree trimming tools to remove the branches. Or, if you need help maintaining your trees, consider calling a qualified tree maintenance company near you

Maintain Your Property Properly

Taking care of your property encompasses many aspects. From garden care to lawn care to tree maintenance, there are a lot of things to consider and give proper attention to. Thankfully, the team at Minnesota Equipment can help. We provide quality lawn care equipment and a large database of articles and videos to help you with your property maintenance needs. 

If you are looking for lawn or tree maintenance help, visit one of our four metro locations. We can get you on your way to a healthy and safe yard year-round.