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As the snow melts away and the yard returns to life, it’s everyone’s favorite time of year – summer. The springtime is filled with all types of chores to have your lawn ready to relax in when the dog days roll in. Not only do you need to rake the yard and flower beds but you also need to plan what you’re going to plant and if you want to tackle any larger landscaping projects. Then comes the inevitable. No matter how much you landscape and plant, there will be grass that you will need to deal with. That means heading to the garage, dusting off your riding mower, and making sure that it is also ready for summer. It may be as simple as loading up your mower and taking it to a lawn mower repair shop near you. Alternatively, you could find yourself in the market for a new John Deere riding lawn mower or Toro lawn mowers. Here we will help you decide if your mower is up for another season or if it is time to pick up a new riding mower.

Under Warranty

If your mower is still under warranty, a simple tuneup is all that should be needed. Should you need any new parts, they should be covered. Some basic maintenance will have your riding mower in tip-top shape. It could be so new that you may be tempted to skip the maintenance altogether. This is not recommended. The better you maintain your mower early on, the longer it will continue to run. So schedule a visit to a lawn mower repair shop near you and you will see that it pays to take care of your riding mower.

No Longer Covered

Depending on how long your warranty lasts, it might be wise to start planning on purchasing a new model. The length of your warranty and how frequently you have your mower serviced will play a major role in how soon you will need to purchase a new one. A well-maintained riding mower can well outlast its warranty, especially if yours only lasts for two years. You may find yourself paying out of pocket for new parts but that will still be significantly less than purchasing a new model.

5-10 Years Old

If you have managed five or more years out of your current riding mower, it is time to start planning on picking up its replacement. The repairs tend to become more frequent and more costly. When your annual lawn mower ritual is dropping a couple hundred dollars before it cuts a single blade, that money becomes better spent on a new model.

Your Local Lawn Mower Repair Shop

Minnesota Equipment is ready to get your riding mower tuned up and ready to mow this spring. For decades we have been the trusted lawn mower repair shop near you in the Twin Cities. If you find yourself in the market for a new lawn mower, we have a great selection of Toro mowers and John Deere riding lawn mowers. Stop by one of our four Twin Cities locations to shop or have your lawn mower serviced.