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Every construction project and job site has baseline equipment that is considered standard to help make the job easier. A skid steer or other loader equipment is part of this. When you need to add some serious power and an extra set of hands (or two), a skid steer will quickly become your best friend and your go-to piece of equipment. 

When you visit a construction equipment supplier for your loader equipment needs, there are a few qualities you should look for to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck and get the job done right. 

Operating Capacity

For construction and landscaping projects, the operating capacity of your skid steer is going to make a difference in what you can achieve. Bigger jobs, especially in construction, should use loader equipment with higher operating capacities. Because this determines the strength of the equipment and how much weight it can lift, you’ll want to find equipment with an operating capacity that is rated for your needs. 

Typically, skid steers have operating ranges between 1,200 and 4,000 lbs. Let your construction equipment supplier know what tasks you need to accomplish with your equipment. In most cases, you’ll find that a skid steer with an operating capacity of 3,500 will suffice. You can also reinforce and strengthen your equipment with different tracks or wheels to give your loader a bit more power and lifting capacity. 

Be sure to find loader equipment that is going to help you on your sites, instead of working against you by not having enough power behind it. 


Similar to operating capacity, skid steers come with different horsepower that can make a difference in the performance of the equipment. If your primary work is on landscaping projects, you may be able to accomplish your tasks with a horsepower of 50. Bigger construction projects may need some more power and bigger equipment. Skid steers with 70 hp or higher are going to be a better choice for these kinds of projects and jobs. 

If you aren’t sure how much horsepower you need or if it will make a difference for you, get in touch with a construction equipment supplier who knows the nuances of the machines and can provide you with advice and assistance when picking out loader equipment. 


As with most farm and construction equipment, skid steers quickly become more useful when you add the right attachments and implements. When you are looking for a new skid steer or other loading equipment, consider what you want to accomplish with it and what attachments are available to help you do so. 

In or out of the immediate job site, skid steers can provide you with extra tools and capabilities to get more done in a shorter amount of time. There are several skid steer attachments available, including:

The benefit of buying a skid steer or other loader equipment is that it can be turned into just about any equipment you need all year round. Landscapers, construction workers and property managers find these versatile machines to be one of the best investments they can make. 

Find a Construction Equipment Supplier Near You

In Minnesota, there are two seasons: winter and construction. Luckily, skid steers are made for both. When you need to buy a new skid steer for any of your project needs, visit a trusted construction equipment supplier who understands your goals and can help assist you with finding the right machine. 

At Minnesota Equipment, we have locations in Ham Lake, Savage, Isanti and Rogers, and we can get you into a new skid steer with the right attachments in no time. Visit us today and make your jobs easier.