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Utility vehicles are game-changers for farmers. Hard-working off-road machines like those in John Deere’s Gator Utility Vehicle lineup haul more cargo than ATVs and get work done in places traditional farm trucks fear to tread.

With an abundance of brands, models, features, and attachments on the market, buyers have plenty of options. Finding the machine that’s right for you is the trick. Following are a few tips from the utility vehicle experts at Minnesota Equipment to guide you through the selection process.

Select Your Ideal John Deere Utility Vehicle 

Step one is identifying your needs. What types of chores or recreation do you plan to use the farm utility vehicle for? What kind of terrain and conditions will you be driving in, and what weight and types of cargo will you be hauling? Answers to these questions can steer you toward the perfect fit.

What is a Good Farm Utility Vehicle?

For example, if you plan on serious off-roading in challenging conditions such as heavy mud, sand, or snow, then a four-wheel drive is a must. That being said, John Deere’s two-wheel-drive utility vehicles are also designed for off-road work and play—and are great options for mild conditions and lighter traction challenges. For ultimate power and handling with heavy loads and farm chores, check out the TH 6×4 Diesel. Its precision-engineered, heavy-duty drive system is optimized for hauling, towing, and hill-climbing exploits.

If you plan to haul heavy loads and transport a crew of up to four passengers, a full-size Gator XUV Crossover Utility Vehicle merits serious consideration. John Deere also offers Mid-Size Crossover Gator Utility Vehicles and Work Series Gator Utility Vehicles, so check out all three Gator families to fully explore your options.

A Gator For Any Job

While you’re at it, don’t forget to factor in attachments. John Deere offers more than 100 attachments for members of its Gator family, including cargo organizers, sprayers, cabs, and winches. If you plan to use certain attachments, choose a Gator that’s compatible with them.

What is a Good Farm Utility Vehicle?

When considering machines from different brands, take a hard look at design, durability, reliability, and resale value. But don’t forget factors like warranties and protection plans. John Deere provides one of the best bumper-to-bumper factory warranties in the business, and the company’s PowerGard Plan further extends that peace of mind.

Another tip: Buying from a reputable dealer like Minnesota Equipment is a great way to remove the stress, risk, and hassle when shopping for a farm utility vehicle. Our experienced sales staff will discuss all your considerations and even set up test drives, so you get a feel for the options. And rest assured, the dealership will be there for you, long after the purchase—happy to assist with questions, parts, and service for years to come.