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This winter, make sure you have a machine that has the power and precision to clear your property effectively. The Toro 721R Power Clear single-stage snowblower has a powerful 212cc 4-cycle OHV engine that throws snow up to 35 feet. This is combined with the convenient footprint that is able to fold in order to save space so that the 721R doesn’t take up your entire garage.  Additionally, this machine has a 21″ clearing width, and a Quick Shoot™ Control system allows operators to change the chute direction without shutting down, saving you time. The 721R single-stage snowblower also is equipped with Toro’s Power Curve® technology that cleans snow directly down to the pavement, giving operators a more complete clear each and every time. 

Where Innovation Meets Quality

Toro takes pride in helping its customers enhance the beauty, productivity, and sustainability of the land they work with. For over 100 years, Toro has built top-quality equipment while innovating what it means to be in the outdoor equipment market. From machines that help small residential yards to ones that are used at professional soccer stadiums, Toro is a trusted name for outdoor equipment in over 125 countries. At Minnesota Equipment, we feel that Toro’s commitment to providing the best quality products and continually innovating reflect our own values. Because Toro builds products that are meant to last with its customers in mind first. 

Commitment to Quality

Minnesota Equipment is proud to carry Toro’s products. Whether you are doing heavy-duty work, or just work around the yard, we carry a Toro for the job. We respect the commitment to quality that Toro practices, and want to pass on that quality to our customers. Their innovative solutions from small residential machines to equipment used on the world’s biggest stages make sure that there is a machine that’s right for you. Visit our Knowledge Center for more information on Toro products, or to see all of our trusted brands and find a location near you, navigate back to our home page.