The Worst and Best Places to Buy a Mower Thumbnail image

Online shopping has made buying everything much easier, including lawn mowers. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should

Finding lawn mower deals online is a great place to start when you are looking to buy new or used lawn mowers. You can even buy new or used equipment online if you know what you are looking for. 

Whether you are looking for lawn mower deals in person or online, there are a few places you should steer clear of, and a few places we think you should check out. 

The Worst: FB Marketplace

Shopping on Facebook Marketplace is a convenient way to find great deals on just about everything. You can even buy cars on Facebook now. While some purchases are just fine to be made on Facebook — such as shoes or books — others should be reserved for more secure platforms. 

Because the items sold on Facebook Marketplace are listed by private users, you can’t always guarantee the reliability, quality or accuracy of the item. This makes bigger purchases, like lawn mowers, riskier. Even if you are looking to buy used lawn mowers instead of new ones, you risk buying an item that can be broken down or overpriced. Be cautious when shopping for lawn mower deals on Facebook, and save those bigger purchases for reliable sellers. 

The Best: Minnesota Equipment’s Used Lot

Looking to buy used lawn mowers near you? Start by visiting a local, reputable used mower dealer. You will receive friendly, helpful service when shopping for lawn mower deals at a Minnesota Equipment location, and you can be confident that the mower you are buying will work as intended and is a reasonable price. 

Minnesota Equipment’s used mower lot has professionally serviced, pre-owned equipment that is set at market price. If you want to find used mowers that are reliable and reasonably priced, visit a local Minnesota Equipment lot. 

The Worst: Craigslist

Just like with Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist provides convenience for those who are looking for a variety of products. Shopping online for new or used lawn mowers should only be done through a reliable site or vendor. Private users on Craigslist may not know the status or quality of the equipment they are selling, and you can end up overpaying for broken equipment. 

If you want to find lawn mower deals or buy used lawn mowers online, you should do so confidently. There are many resources available to research what mower is right for you, and there are sites that reliably post accurate information about mowers and other new and used lawn equipment. 

The Best: A Trusted, Local Dealer

One of the best places to find lawn mower deals and buy used lawn mowers or other equipment is in person at a local showroom. The salespeople will be able to offer timely advice that will help you find the right equipment.. By shopping for lawn mowers in person, you can ask questions and learn more about the available equipment. 

You don’t have to worry about meeting up with an unknown seller in a public place, and you can be confident that the equipment you’re buying is serviced and in the best working condition it can be. Whether you are buying new or used mowers, consider visiting a local mower dealer. 

Minnesota Equipment has four locations around the Twin Cities metro area. Our expert sales team knows the ins and outs of what makes a good mower, and we have a variety of used mowers and great lawn mower deals for you to choose from. 

Visit a store near you today and be confident that the equipment you are buying is the quality you deserve.