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There are many different grades of engine oil to select from.  To make it easier, we have provided a list of choices along with the description of each to help you select the best oil for your power equipment:

Oils for Heavy Duty Diesel Engines

John Deere Plus 50 II

SAE 15W-40

Superior Protection for current Final Tier IV engines as well as older diesel engines. This is long life oil which increases drain intervals up to 500 hours when paired with John Deere filters. It is formulated specifically to inhibit wear, corrosion, sludge, varnish and oxidation.

SAE 10W-30               

It has the same characteristics as the 15W-40 but allows for starting engines at a lower air temperature

 SAE 0W-40 Synthetic

Offers same characteristics as 10W-30 & 15W-40 but is used in all temperature ranges from -40°F to 122°F. This is synthetic base oil which offers superior soot control, maximum sludge & varnish control as well.

 SAE 10W-30 Break-In

This oil is shipped in the diesel engines from the factory. It recommended to run at least 100 hours on this oil. This oil is for new or rebuilt engines.

Oils for Heavy Duty Gas & Light Duty Diesel Engines

John Deere Torq-Gard

SAE 5W-30                 

This is High Performance oil that offers maximum protection for diesel and gasoline engines for starting in low temperature operations.

 SAE 30

Recommended for all diesel and gasoline, as well as natural gas engines with superior wear, oxidation and deposit characteristics. Because of the Mono-Grade straight weight oil viscosity, this oil is great for high temperature heavy duty use especially with older gasoline engines.

Oils for Gas Engines

John Deere Turf-Gard

SAE 10W-30               

Used for Lawn & Garden Mowers, Commercial Mowers, Tillers, Generators & Other Outdoor Powered Equipment


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