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Zero turn mowers offer homeowners a perfect combination of comfort and precision. They are easy to operate and provide a professional quality mowing experience. They are also an investment that homeowners will want to research before choosing which brand and model is right for them. Two of the most reputable manufacturers of zero turn mowers are Toro and Gravely, which leaves people with an even more difficult decision. Both brands are known for their quality so the choice truly comes down to the preferences of individual homeowners. Here is a side by side comparison between a Gravely lawn mower and Toro lawn mowers to help make the decision a little easier.

Durability Comes Standard

Both Gravely and Toro pride themselves in producing zero turn mowers that are built to last. Each brand uses carefully selected materials and industry leading construction methods to assemble their mowers. 

Under Warranty

So with mowers that are each built to last, how can you choose what’s right for your lawn? Sometimes, it helps to look into the warranties offered by each manufacturer before purchasing.

Toro offers a three year limited warranty with zero hour restrictions for homeowners on many of their models. This warranty offers added flexibility to homeowners with larger properties as they can take care of their entire lawn while keeping their mower under warranty. 

Gravely offers a similar warranty on many of their models with an important caveat. Their limited warranty is three years or 300 operating hours. This means that larger properties – that take longer to mow – may cause homeowners to reach their 300 hours in less than three years. This is an important factor in the decision making process as purchasers will want to keep their zero turn under warranty for as long as possible.

Features for You

Comfort and ease of use are at the forefront of every purchaser’s mind when they are shopping for a new zero turn. Features such as cutting deck width, suspension and operator comfort all play an important role in the decision making process. Again, both brands are comparable across the board:

Cutting Deck Width:

Both Toro lawn mowers and Gravely lawn mowers have a range of cutting widths to choose from. Widths range from 42” to 60” for both manufacturers, assuring homeowners that there is a model suitable for their property.


No two lawns are the same. They can be hilly, bumpy, large, small and so on. Homeowners want to be sure that mowing will be a breeze no matter what their lawn is like. Both Gravely and Toro have designed their zero turns with this in mind. In fact, Toro has developed a proprietary MyRide suspension system to isolate bumps and vibrations so that the operator does not feel a thing.

Operator Comfort:

This feature goes beyond the suspension and takes a look at the overall ergonomics of each zero turn. Depending on the size of their property, homeowners may be on their mower for an hour or more. They want to feel fresh and ready to tackle other chores once they’ve finished mowing.

Both brands offer comfortable seating and smartly designed operator stations that allow for smooth operation with every mow.

The Choice is Yours

Choosing the right zero turn mower for you can seem tricky, but as you can see it – you can’t go wrong. Minnesota Equipment is here to help you find the best zero turn mower for your property. Our sales staff is ready to answer any questions you may have and our service department will quickly turnaround any maintenance that pops up over the life of your mower. Stop by any of our four Twin Cities locations and pick up yours today!