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Minnesota Equipment is your stop for quality lawn mowers of all types — riding, zero-turn, walk-behind and more!

Looking for a new lawn mower that can handle a multi-acre property? Has your walk-behind mower seen better days? No matter what type of mower you need to care for your lawn, Minnesota Equipment has you covered! We offer mowers from top brands such as John Deere, Toro and Gravely — so you know that no matter what lawn mower you choose, you can be confident it will be a high quality implement.


We also know that no two yards are the same, from humble neighborhood plots to expansive properties. You need to have the right implement to handle your lawn. A simple walk-behind lawn mower will leave your yard in tip-top shape. However, if you have sprawling property – a walk behind is far from the most efficient option. A riding mower might sound like a dream but if you have a compact yard, it quickly becomes overkill. Luckily, our knowledgeable sales staff will help you decide which implement will work best for your property. 


No matter what type of lawn mower is right for your yard, you want to be sure that you are purchasing your implement from a reputable lawn mower dealership. Minnesota Equipment has served the Twin Cities for over a hundred years, offering quality implements backed by a service department that specializes in all types of lawn care equipment. Whether you are a homeowner taking care of your yard or a service charged with tending to many yards – we are ready to support your yard care needs with top-notch maintenance.

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