The 2032R and 2038R are some of John Deere’s most popular utility tractors for a reason. They have an incredible size-to-power ratio and are versatile in order to give you maximum power in small spaces that other, larger machines couldn’t get to. One of their strengths is their ability to be versatile year-round. This is aided by the quick-hitch attachments and other convenient attachments that are available, like the drive-over mower deck. 

Installation for 2032R/2038R Mower Deck

The video above provides a visual guide to installing and removing the drive-over mower deck to the 20-32R and 2038R models. For Installation, instructions are as follows: 

  1. Remove safety pins from the mower deck. 
  2. In 4X4/Low Range, drive directly over the mower deck with your 2032R or 2038R utility tractor.
  3. Follow the front-left tire over the guide bar on the mower deck
  4. You should feel the mower deck latch
  5. Raise the mower deck after you feel the latch
  6. Re-install safety pins on the mower deck
  7. Adjust wheels on the mower deck to the desired height, and the mower deck is fully installed.

Remove Mower Deck for 2032R/2038R

When you are ready to remove the mower deck from your machine, follow these simple steps for quick and efficient removal: 

  1. Release all 4 gauge wheel pins that hold the wheels on the deck in the desired position.
  2. Set the mower deck height to 0 on the mower deck dial near the seat in the operator’s station. 
  3. After the dial is set to 0, lower the mower deck to the ground.
  4. Remove the safety pin from each side of the mower, and flip the mower release latch in the arrowed direction indicated by the mower deck. 
  5. In 4X4/low range, back straight off the deck, once again using the front-left wheel and the guide bar on the mower deck to stay straight. 
  6. Store the mower deck in a dry, safe place for its next use! 

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