We offer a huge range of snow clearing equipment, including single-stage snowblowers and two-stage snowblowers – so you can be confident to find the machine that best meets your needs.


These extremely compact machines are perfect for residential driveways and walkways that don’t experience heavy snow. Toro has a wide range of single-stage models that feature powerful performance with a small footprint perfect for a crowded garage. See more about Toro single-stage snowblowers below. 

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Two-stage snowblowers feature an independently driven auger that is able to handle a larger amount of snow and throw snow further. These heavy-duty machines are perfect for larger residences that experience heavy snowfall. Toro has everything from simple two-stage snowblowers to commercial-grade machines that can handle the harshest winters. Find out more about what snowblowers Toro has to offer, and how to buy yours today, below. 

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