How To Prepare Your Property and Equipment for Winter Thumbnail image

A Minnesota winter is no joke. Lucky for Minnesotans, we’re up for the task. Preparing your lawn for winter and winterizing outdoor equipment are essential items on your fall to-do list. Of course, it takes a bit of preparation, but it’s well worth it to avoid costly repairs and extra work come spring. 

Start Winterizing Your Property in the Fall

Don’t wait til the first freeze to get moving on winterizing your property. Begin getting your land ready as soon as the leaves begin making their grand exit for the year. 

Preparing your lawn and landscaping for winter will make your job that much easier when the snow melts next year. 

Protect Your Equipment

Protecting your equipment from the harsh winter weather can prevent damage and extend its lifespan. 

Be Ready for Snow

Snow is a fact of life in Minnesota. It comes down fast and accumulates quickly, making it difficult to get around. And shoveling snow up here isn’t exactly a sustainable chore. 

Remind Winter That Minnesotans Don’t Mess Around

Preparing for winter is an annual rite of passage in Minnesota. Get the gear and services you need from a trusted local provider. Minnesota Equipment is here to help with everything from trimmers to snow plow installation. 

Visit one of our four metro locations in the Twin Cities, or explore our knowledge center for more tips and advice on winterizing your property and equipment.