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Give your grass what it wants: smaller, more cut-up grass. With a lawn mower mulching kit, you can cycle your clippings back into the lawn, feeding what you just cut so it can grow back. (It’s not weird.) 

Mulching your grass clippings promotes healthy lawn growth. You don’t need to get cow pies in your yard to fertilize it and make it grow. The extra nutrients in the cut-up grass actually feed the lawn and help it thrive and grow better. Lawn mower mulching accessories are great tools to cycle grass clippings back into your yard and cultivate a healthy lawn. Rather than bagging the clippings or shooting them out into your neighbor’s yard, a lawn mower mulching kit can put the grass where it came from, but smaller and more effectively. Let’s see how it’s done. 

Parts of a Mulch Kit

Depending on the type of mower and mulch kit you get, your parts may vary. Most mulch kits contain two main components: a special set of blades and a discharge plug. 

The mulch kit blades are designed to cut grass clippings repeatedly until they are much smaller. Grass clippings that are smaller are less visible after mowing, and are more effective in delivering nutrients to the lawn. 

Along with the blades comes a discharge plug. This necessary piece of the mulch kit prevents the clippings from flying out of the mower. Unless you are looking to get some revenge on your neighbors, you’ll want to make sure the plug is handy. With the plug installed, the clippings will stay within the mower and will properly spread out on the lawn for maximum mulching. 

Installing a Mulch Kit

To install a lawn mower mulching kit, you will need to first replace the blades. Start off by removing the deck from the mower. With assistance from a helper, turn the deck over and secure the current blades. Some mowers have special equipment to secure the blades in place, but blocks of wood are also effective. Securing the blades in place will prevent them from slipping and causing a serious accident. 

Once the current blades are secured, use a socket wrench to loosen the blades. Then, carefully remove the current blades and set them aside. These blades will not be used if you are mulching while mowing. If you plan on using these blades again, safely store them where they are secure and out of reach. 

The next step is to install the blades found with the mulching kit. These blades will be effective in quickly cutting grass into small clippings. Using the proper tools, tightly fasten the blades onto the mower deck. Make sure they are tightly secured so they won’t fly off, but not so tight that they cannot rotate properly. See your mower’s manual to find out how tight the blades should be.

With the blades secured, install the plug. Lifting the discharge chute up, you should see a hole where the clippings can be cast out. Secure the mulch plug into place by pivoting it to fit over the hole. Some mowers may include pins, bolts or other fasteners to keep the discharge plug in place. If you notice your mower has one, use it to ensure the plug does not dislodge and cause harm. 

Using a Mulch Kit

Using a mulch kit for your yard is simple and effective. With the kit installed, your mower will be able to operate normally without any extra steps. Mow your yard as you typically would – alternating directions for a professional-looking pattern – and see the fruits of your labor. The mulch kit is designed to churn the clippings and cycle them back onto the grass. From a distance, you won’t necessarily notice the extra clippings on your yard, which is ideal for aesthetics. 

When operating or installing a mulch kit, remember to keep safety a priority. Ensure that the blades and plug are properly fastened and secured. Do not mow over objects such as rocks or sticks, and stay aware of your surroundings. With safety in place and mulching accessories installed, you’ll love the way your yard looks. 

Mulch with Minnesota Equipment

Minnesota Equipment offers mulching accessories for all kinds of mowers and utility tractors. By mulching your grass clippings, your grass will thrive and grow healthier every time. If you have any questions regarding how to use, install or repair your equipment, visit a Minnesota Equipment location and talk to one of our technicians. We are ready to help you with all of your lawn care and maintenance needs. Shop Minnesota Equipment’s mulching accessories and mower parts and get a healthy, great-looking lawn.