Gator XUVs Excel For Ice Fishing Thumbnail image

John Deere Gator Crossover Utility Vehicles (XUVs) are built to work tough and play hard. Their rugged design, comfortable ride, and ample storage make Gators the perfect companions for a wide variety of outdoor adventures—including ice fishing.

No need to brave the elements when traversing frozen lakes in search of the next bite. John Deere’s wide selection of XUVs offers options in cabs and climate control systems guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy during rides to and from the fishing grounds. 

The comfort doesn’t end there. Anglers tending tip-ups for toothy predators like northern pike can watch for flags while relaxing inside the cozy, heated cab. If active jigging is more your style, simply pre-drill and clear a few holes. Then idle along in your Gator, stopping at each one to wet a line. To fish, simply pop open the cab door and drop the fish a line. Use a few aggressive lift-fall jigging sequences with an attractor lure to call fish within striking distance. If nothing moves in for a closer look, reel in and roll on to the next hole. 

Carry All Your Essential Gear

Many anglers use fish-finding tools like sonar and GPS units to aid their search for fish. These are easily mounted within the Gator’s cab, where these valuable electronics are far more protected from the elements than systems mounted on other modes of transport, like snowmobiles and ATVs. To deploy the sonar, simply lower the transducer into each hole.

Don’t worry about skimping on other essential gear. John Deere Gators are designed to safely carry a variety of cargo for chores and recreation, so they can easily haul everything you need to catch more fish and have more fun. Heavy-duty cargo boxes and handy gear racks handle augers, rod cases, tackle boxes, ice scoops, buckets, and more. And if you want to haul a super-size load like a portable shelter, simply remove the cargo box and go big in flat-bed mode.

You can also tow a variety of items such as gear-laden sleds and portable shelters. Towing capacity varies through the Gator family, with full-size, three-seater XUVs rated for pulling up to 2,000 pounds (in addition to a whopping 1,500-pound payload capacity).

A More Comfortable Ride On The Ice

Thanks to the Gator’s smooth ride and legendary durability, getting there can also be half the fun. John Deere XUVs are engineered and torture-tested to reliably get you to virtually any fishing destination, winter or summer. Traction-boosting four-wheel-drive systems, powerful engines, and a variety of tire tread options allow Gators to traverse everything from glare ice to the moderate snowpacks commonly found on Midwestern lakes. If your travel plans include churning through deeper snow and slush, explore the options in all-season track systems. Don’t forget, you can also mount a plow on the front to blaze trails for other vehicles to follow.

If you’re torn between a Gator and snowmobile, keep in mind that once winter wanes and snowmobiles are tucked into summer storage, a John Deere XUV can still whisk you away on a whole new set of adventures—not to mention tackle a full range of warm-weather chores.

To learn more about all the exciting options in John Deere XUVs, visit your friends at Minnesota Equipment. Their knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you choose a Gator XUV that’s perfect for all your work and recreational needs. Find out more by visiting the main page and browsing our gator products here.