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John Deere’s 1023E and 1025R Sub Compact Utility Tractors are true workhorses capable of tackling a variety of chores year-round, which means these machines’ usefulness does not stop once the snow flies. In fact, they are ideal for clearing snow from driveways, sidewalks, paths, and other areas. So, don’t even think about tucking these compact powerhouses into cold storage for the winter.

Both the 1023E and 1025R feature a rugged, reliable design. Plus, the powerful, high-quality diesel engine, and can be easily paired with industry-leading snowblower attachments.

Clear Snow Fast With John Deere 1023E And 1025R Utility Tractors

For example, John Deere’s 47-inch Quick Hitch Snow Blower has the capacity to handle big snow-removal jobs. This attachment works well in all snow conditions. The Quick Hitch Snow Blower is exceptionally well-suited for clearing areas where snow must be moved greater distances than traditional walk-behind blowers can handle.

It is also more effective than two-stage snow throwers when operating in deep or drifted conditions and crusted packed snow. As a bonus, the front quick-hitch system allows for fast and easy tool-free changes between snow blower, rotary broom, and front blade attachments.

John Deere makes blades and snowblowers for nearly every riding mower or tractor, from entry size up. Minnesota Equipment has a large variety of snow-removal solutions and can help you select attachments to perfectly suit your needs.

Minnesota Equipment can also recommend and install other optional equipment to make snow removal easier and more comfortable. For example, for comfort and extra visibility day or night, add a heated cab with work lights. You might also consider a rear-mounted snowblower coupled with a front loader and plow blade. And tire chains can dramatically increase traction in snowy or icy conditions.

Timely Tips

John Deere tractors excel at moving snow safely and efficiently. These tips can help you maximize your equipment’s potential.

Always attach, adjust and operate your snowblower according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Minnesota Equipment’s knowledgeable staff are happy to familiarize you with the procedures, which include securely connecting the attachment, driveline shield, and other safety equipment.

When you’re ready to clear snow, adjust the chute to blow snow in the direction you want it to go (never into the wind), and adjust the deflector angle for blowing snow the preferred distance.

In extremely deep snow, raise the snowblower to remove a top layer of snow that your specific snowblower model can handle. Then start over and remove another layer, to avoid overloading the auger, impeller, or chute.

Clear Snow Fast With John Deere 1023E And 1025R Utility Tractors

When you’re finished clearing snow and have turned off the blower, always thoroughly clean out the auger, impeller, and chute. Snow left in any of these parts can freeze. This prevents the snowblower from operating properly the next time you need it—possibly causing damage to the machine’s internal parts.

Remember to talk to your friends at Minnesota Equipment about optional Cold Weather Packages. These include engine block or coolant heater options for faster, smoother starts in cold weather. And if you plan to move snow in extremely cold conditions, keep in mind that John Deere recommends installing an engine coolant heater, transmission oil heater, and battery heating pad if operating the machine in temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Find out more about these snowblower attachments as well as our compact utility tractors by seeing our products catalog.