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Zero-Turn Vs. Two- And Four-Wheel Steer

Steering is a critical consideration when choosing a riding lawn tractor that best fits your needs. Options include two- and four-wheel steering systems, along with zero-turn mowers.

Traditional two-wheel steering, which relies on the front wheels for turning, has been around for generations and remains a reliable choice with the lowest initial cost. But it also has the largest turning radius of the three choices, which adds to mowing time, particularly in yards with an abundance of obstacles.

Four-wheel steer and zero-turn mowers offer much tighter turns and leave a smaller uncut circle around trees, shrubs, fence corners and garden beds. This reduces mowing time, as well as the amount of effort extended on post-mowing trimming duties such as weed-whipping. Of the two styles, zero-turn systems offer a slight edge as the fastest, most efficient mowing machines.

But there’s more to your decision than the ability to give your lawn a fast haircut.

Two- and four-wheel steering systems offer advantages in ease of use, minimal turf scuffing, operation on slopes, smoothness of ride, attachment availability (including snowblowers and front blades) and towing capacity. Keep this in mind if you’re looking for a true utility player that can handle more chores in a variety of challenging conditions.

Written by: Dan Johnson