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Winter is upon us, which means snow. Lots of snow. While a light dusting can be exciting and make your yard beautiful, two feet can strand you for days if you don’t have a way to clear a path. When the snow starts to fall, make sure you are prepared. Minnesota Equipment carries a variety of snowblowers that can get the job done. All you have to do is choose the one that is right for you. 


Ariens has been making reliable, quality products for 80 years. Their line of snow removal tools ranges from residential to something you might see in the arctic circle. For a compact unit that can still move snow like a pro, the Ariens Professional 21 SSR is the way to go. This single-stage blower is small enough to store and transport but has the power to move powder.

As far as two-stage options, the Compact 20 Sno-Thro or the Classic 24 Sno-Thro are excellent starting points. All-steel construction makes them sturdy enough to handle plowing through drifts. And, their maneuverable build allows them to be easily stored and transported. And for those looking for a more hard-core solution, Ariens has you covered. The Professional RapidTrak 28 Hydro Sno-Thro is meant for the harshest conditions. With 420cc’s of power that throws snow up to 60 feet, plus the option to switch between tracks and wheels, this snowblower is ready for anything. For finishing up the job or just brushing off a light dusting of snow, Ariens also makes the Power Brush 36 or the Hydro Brush 36, meant for cleaning surfaces in any season. 


While Toro may ring more of a bell in the mower market, they also bring the same dependable construction to their snowblowers. For a compact design that pulls no punches, check out the Power Clear 721 QZE single-stage snowblower with the Quick Shoot Control System. It comes in electric or gas models and can fold up to fit in the tightest storage. Perfect for hard winters in tight residential quarters. 

The Toro Power Max series are their two-stage models. Ranging from casual maintenance to drift-destroying machine, this line has everything you need to tackle winter. Toro has made an anti-clogging system that is implemented on the Power Max series. This model also has gears strong enough that they don’t need shear pins. 

John Deere

Just because your yard is covered up for the season doesn’t mean that your mower needs to sit idle. John Deere makes a wide variety of attachments to both their mowers and utility tractors for winter maintenance. The X700 series mower has a front blade, a 47 and 54-inch attachable snowblower and a rotary broom to clean up afterward. Similarly, for utility tractors, John Deere carries up to a 59-inch snowblower, a front blade for pushing snow and a rotary broom for light powder and other small jobs. And for everything else in between, John Deere makes blades and snowblowers for nearly every riding mower or tractor, from entry size up. 

Whatever your winter needs, Minnesota Equipment has a large variety of snow removal solutions to fit your style. Picking from Toro, Ariens and John Deere, you can’t go wrong. Stop into your local Minnesota Equipment dealer today to learn more about what snowblower is right for you and to get a first-hand look at the machines.