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John Deere Gator Crossover Utility Vehicles (XUVs) are built to work and play hard. Whether you’re hunting, fishing, fencing, or hauling, they’re up to the challenge. And thanks to a host of handy attachments, you can customize a Gator to tackle virtually any off-road adventure or Jobsite to-do list.
In fact, John Deere offers more than 100 attachments for personalizing its iconic Gator lineup—offering everything from sprayers and suspension systems to winches and windscreens.

Case in point: dealer-installed attachments for the Gator Mid-Size XUV Series include a front hood rack, OPS poly cab for all-weather protection, cargo box wall extensions, a variety of windshields, and guards, plus a sturdy 66-inch straight blade. The larger Gator Full-Size XUV Series can accommodate even more accessorizing, such as a powerhouse winch kit with a whopping 4,500 pounds of pulling power.

Accessorize Your John Deere Gator With A Host Of Handy Attachments

Of course, that’s just the tip of the attachment-option iceberg. For example, there are plenty of add-ons for organizing storage space and maximizing hauling capacity.

For starters, Gator utility vehicles can be equipped with an optional power lift that quickly raises the cargo box to 49 degrees for ease of service and load removal. Capable of lifting up to 1,000 pounds, it’s one of the handiest accessories for increasing work efficiency.

Accessorize Your John Deere Gator With A Host Of Handy Attachments

If you’d like to double the hauling capacity (not to exceed the weight limit) of the cargo box, add a side extension kit. The four-sided, powder-coated steel structure boosts cargo box side height to 21 inches and increases hauling volume to 26 cubic feet. A super-sized cargo bed is perfect for making quick work of landscaping chores that involve hauling light materials like grass clippings or mulch.

In a similar vein, John Deere offers a cargo bed extender that conveniently extends the rear of the cargo bed to the edge of the tailgate (when opened). The extender also acts as a cargo box divider when flipped inside the bed. Adding to ease of use, the cargo bed extender easily flips in or out with the use of quick-pull pins.

Accessorize Your John Deere Gator With A Host Of Handy Attachments
To organize smaller items and keep them in order, full-size XUV Gators can be equipped with a rear cargo box divider system. Dividers can be positioned at the front or rear of the cargo box bed. To change the positions of the dividers, simply release the speedrail locks, slide into a new position, and close the locks to secure the dividers.

The Sportsman Case from Black Mountain All-Terrain is another great storage upgrade for the bed of all Gator XUV Full-Size Utility Vehicles. Stretching 50 inches in length, 9 inches wide and 15 inches high, it allows you to safely store tools, sporting goods, and other must-have equipment inside a durable protective plastic insert with foam padding and a heavy-duty fabric exterior. Plus, the case is a snap to secure and remove from a Gator box (or pickup bed) and comes with a shoulder strap and carry handles.

Accessorize Your John Deere Gator With A Host Of Handy Attachments
John Deere also offers a heavy-duty cargo box bed mat that protects the bed’s steel floor from scratches and dents, while providing your payload with additional cushioning and slip resistance.

Gators don’t quit when the snow flies—they’re up for all kinds of winter work and recreation. If you plan to use your Gator for snow removal, ice fishing or other cold-weather activities, John Deere’s Engine Coolant Heater will warm the block for fast starts in frigid temperatures.

On the agricultural front, farmers looking to loop their Gator into high-tech boundary mapping, obstacle flagging and soil sampling duties can add an AMS Integration Kit—which allows you to mount a StarFire Receiver and GreenStar display to the vehicle.

These are just a sample of the many handy attachments available to customize your John Deere Gator to fit your needs. For a complete rundown, stop by Minnesota Equipment. Our friendly, experienced staff would be happy to explain all the exciting options. Explore our website for more information here