A 360-Degree Closer Look at the Gravely ZT-X Thumbnail image

If you are looking into riding lawn mowers, you are probably at least somewhat familiar with the Gravely ZT series. You may have also noticed Gravely offers ZT models as well as ZT-X models. ZT-X sounds fancy, but what’s the difference, and why choose ZT-X? Here we will have a closer look at the new features that set the ZT-X apart from the rest.

Comfortable Ride

Ideal for longer mowing sessions, the ZT-X features a plush high-back seat with armrests. Anyone who has ridden an uncomfortable mower for several hours will tell you what a difference it makes. Improved deck stability in the ZT-X makes for a less bumpy ride, and a more even cut.

Intuitive Controls

Cutting grass shouldn’t be rocket science. The ZT-X features more cutting heights with no pins and levers involved. A simple and intuitive cutting selection solution allows the rider to press the pedal and turn the dial to adjust cutting options.

Better Performance

No more jams and uneven lawns. A 4.5-inch fabricated deck optimizes airflow to produce best-in-class performance and cut quality. The ZT-X motors also have more horsepower, which translates to better and faster mowing.

Wider Cut

Unlike the ZT model, the ZT-X is offered in a 52” deck size. The larger the deck, the more grass it can cut in one pass. The price difference between the 42” and the 52” models is small enough to truly consider upgrading to the 52” model, especially if you have a larger lawn.

Serious Durability

Nothing is worse than when your riding mower starts falling apart. All of Gravely’s ZT mowers are durable, but the ZT-X features a fully-welded tubular frame, giving it a professional-grade backbone that you can count on during tough jobs for years to come.

Make It Yours

Gravely makes the hassle of mowing your lawn a thing of the past. From comfort to performance and more intuitive design, the ZT-X practically makes mowing your lawn a joyride. If you’re looking to purchase a new riding mower, check out the ZT-X mowers on our online store today.